Chetwynd Auto Body in Chetwynd

Chetwynd Auto Body

4513 45 Ave, Chetwynd, BC

  • Automotive
  • Superior finish waterborne paint system
  • ICBC c.a.r. Valet Express Repair Facility
  • Qualified, reliable service

Meet Martin Rodenbush & Sheree Smith

Martin Rodenbush & Sheree Smith is the owner of Chetwynd Auto Body

Martin Rodenbush has always loved cars and enjoys tinkering around and fixing them up. He built a shop on his and his wife Sheree Smith’s property but always thought that one day he would like to own an autobody business. Both Martin and Sheree were working full time jobs when they learned that Chetwynd Auto Body was up for sale in 1994. It seemed like the perfect opportunity: an established business with everything in place to operate the kind of business they had always dreamed of. They both quit their jobs and have run the business ever since. They also operate a towing company and an equipment business on the side.

Martin and Sheree have lived in Chetwynd since their childhood and teenage years. It is their home, and they are deeply involved in and connected to the community. As car enthusiasts, they have helped to organize events like races. They raised their family in Chetwynd and it has been a great place for their children to grow up. Chetwynd has a wide range of clubs and activities for families and the couple still supports many of these organizations.

Chetwynd Auto Body has developed a strong reputation over the years and Martin and Sheree are grateful to their staff for their contribution. They work hard in their professions and their love for what they do shows in how they complete their work. Martin used to do autobody work in the shop’s early years, but with a staff to manage and administration work to do, he doesn’t get into the shop as much as he would like. However, he usually has some kind of side project going on to pass what little free time he manages to get.

Dependable. Professional. Friendly.

Chetwynd Auto Body has been serving the community of Chetwynd for more than 30 years, providing complete autobody services. As an ICBC c.a.r. Valet express repair facility, Chetwynd Auto Body offers qualified collision repairs from bumper-to-bumper, including painting. It also provides complete vehicle restoration services for older and classic cars. Chetwynd Auto Body employs a waterborne paint system which offers several benefits over solvent-based paint, including faster drying, superior finish and no harmful emissions.

Chetwynd Auto Body is a member of the Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce.

Contact + Hours

  • Monday to Friday
  • 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


  • 4513 45 Ave
  • Chetwynd, BC
  • V0C 1J0, Canada

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